Regular updates are made to maintain the security and functionality of WPI-owned computers. 


Computers should remain powered on and will likely reboot during the process. Conference room computers that are powered on will receive the updates and automatically reboot, leaving them in a ready state for meetings. For computers that are powered off or disconnected from the WPI network, anticipate the maintenance to run once the machine powers on and connects to the WPI network. The machine will update then reboot when the patches have completed.

Action Needed

Please see details.


Patching these vulnerabilities on IT-managed and personal devices is critical to preventing the machine from being hacked. 

At the same time, Cherwell Asset management will be updated to the new version (15), enabling new capabilities and fixes.

IT-managed WPI-owned computers

Prior to leaving please prepare for the updates as follows:

  • Save all of your work and close all programs.
  • Log off of your computer.
  • Leave the computer powered on.

Computers not managed by IT, including personal devices

Please ensure that you perform the latest operating system updates. (The changes detailed above will not be made by IT for these devices.)