For improved efficiencies and to reduce the in person contact between students, faculty, and staff, a new registration process has been implemented.


The new Add Drop Form will all be completed digitally. Students will submit the electronic form, faculty/advisors will approve/deny requests through the WPI Hub.


The form is required for any course registrations requiring permission, including overenrolling, or registering from a frozen waitlist, overloading, or restriction overrides such as level, major, degree, etc.


Beginning August 24, undergraduate students may overload up to 21.75 credits (A and B credits included) on Bannerweb without getting advisor permission. Students are strongly encouraged to consult with their advisor BEFORE registering for an overload. Anything over 21.75 credits will require permission from your advisor. 


Review the Add Drop Form Process document.

  • Use Bannerweb to add/drop courses without restriction
  • Use the Add Drop Form to submit requests that require approvals


Review the Process an Add Drop Approval Request instructions. You will receive emails for each required approval, with a link to approve or deny the request.