Upgrades to the West Campus Electrical Power Substation require power shutdown of some campus buildings (as described in Facilities email to the community on June 5, June 21). To protect from power surges, ITS recommends you prepare office equipment prior to Friday morning.


Alden Memorial, Riley Hall, Daniels Hall, Morgan Hall, Harrington Auditorium, Higgins Labs, the Rubin Campus Center, Bartlett Center, Olin Hall, Goddard Hall, and Higgins House. will have no electrical power. Faculty managed servers and workstations within the shutdown area will also be affected. The ITS server room in Fuller Labs will remain powered, so services such as Banner and Terminal Server will be available.

Action Needed

Please shutdown office equipment (computers, printers, copiers, etc.). Using a surge protector is recommended wherever possible. In the absence of a surge protector, the equipment should be unplugged from the power source.