Data Backup

WPI Email

A WPI forwarding address will be provided for graduating students. The address will forward to a personal email address as an alumni benefit. Please setup your email forwarding prior to graduation. 

Alumni Email Accounts

As there will be no inbox associated with this forwarding address, please change any accounts or notifications that use your WPI email to an alternate email address.

WPI email can be saved by using the Outlook Client to create a personal folder, or Outlook Data File (a .pst file). After creating the personal folder and moving desired messages into it, you can save it to your computer or portable media. 

Export Email to .pst File

You can also save any personal contacts by exporting them into an Excel sheet.

Export Personal Contacts



Backup any important files from your WPI OneDrive.  WPI file storage is only available to active WPI Account holders. Move files to your personal machine's local hard drive, portable media, or personal cloud storage.

Access OneDrive
Data will not be restored once the account is deactivated.


If you created a personal webpage, backup your Public HTML folder found at:  

Network Storage

WPI Computers

Back up any data saved on campus computers. Login to these computers will discontinue when your WPI account is discontinued.

Access Changes


Before departing, please remove your devices from Network Registration. Guest network access is available to alumni and sponsored campus visitors on devices that are NOT still registered to the network.

Network RegistrationGuest Wireless

Transfer Ownership

Owners of Microsoft 365 Groups and group accounts should transfer ownership to another active group member or faculty/staff advisor prior to departing WPI.

Microsoft 365 Groups - Manage/Transfer Ownership


Submit expense reports for any final reimbursements.

Create Expense Report


Microsoft Campus Licensing Agreement

Campus licensed software will not be accessible once your WPI account is removed.

Network Software

Courseware and other networked software installed on personal computers will not function once the personal computer is removed from the WPI network due to the dependency on WPI license servers. This also includes access to license servers through the VPN. It is recommended that courseware be safely uninstalled prior to disconnecting the device from the WPI network.

WPI Computer Software

Applications on campus computers including labs, public spaces, and classrooms will no longer be accessible once your WPI login credentials are discontinued.

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