About the Project

Workday Student will incorporate data and processes currently housed in Banner, while connecting to other systems, including Salesforce, Slate, and PowerFAIDS. 

This is a multi-year project that touches almost every aspect of the student experience. The project teams are working together with partners from functional offices, academic departments, and the community. 

If you'd like to learn more about Workday Student, there are a series of short videos from Workday describing the experience from the perspective of Registrar, Financial Aid, Advisors, Faculty, and Students.

Workday Perspective Videos

Meeting Calendar

Connecting to the Community

  • Workday Outreach meets monthly, open to everyone.
  • Workday Liaisons (includes faculty and staff) meets monthly + as needed.
  • Invited the community to 12 hours of focus groups on how people are working now with academic/student processes.
  • Scheduling demo/discussions with departments. Email if you'd like to arrange a session!
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Ongoing Meetings

  • Executive Sponsor meets every other Thursday morning, then Steering/Implementation meets on the following Friday afternoon
  • Change Management Advisory Board meets monthly
  • Technology Task Force meets quarterly
  • Update provided to CITP every two weeks and presented periodically to Committee on Administration and Financial Policy (FAP)

Process and Communication

Workday Student Communication


Updated timeline

Fall 2019 - Summer 2020:

These items are not visible to the community, but they are important as the foundation for academic activities is built in Workday.

  • Academic foundation in Workday production
  • Test loading student data and integrations with Salesforce, Slate, and PowerFAIDS
  • Curriculum Management -- Course catalog material and courses go into Workday

Summer 2020:

Transition to Banner 9 -- affects administrative functional offices; BannerWeb interface and reporting remains unchanged.

Fall 2020

Community outreach -- invite us to a department meeting or attend a session. Training to follow.

November 16-20, 2020: 

"Mock Registration" event -- participants from the WPI community (faculty, students, and staff) try out registration, grading, etc. in Workday. User Acceptance Testing (UAT...another community opportunity!) will follow.

Sign up for Mock Registration +/- UAT

Spring 2021:

  • End of February 2021: Student data records move into Workday
  • April 2021: Course Registration – Students will use Workday to register for Fall 2021 courses
  • New Student Registration – First Years, transfers, and visiting students register for Fall 2021 courses

Summer 2021 and beyond:

  • July 2021: Student Financials – Students pay bills for Academic Year 2022 through Workday, financial aid integrations for billing
  • Fall 2021: Advising, Degree Audits, transcripting
  • October 2021: Course Grading

Project Teams

Student Records Data Conversion:

Carla Mararian, Dan Richard (leads), Christina Macaulay, Ralph Sheehan, Shruti Muralidharan, Gerta Gjata, Edlira Stefani (as applicable)

Student Core:

Leads: Sarah Miles, Dan Richard

Curriculum: Kristin Adams, Christina Macaulay

Registration: Christina Macaulay

System Core: Christina Macaulay, Katie Gilbert, Rhiannon Paredes, Cathy Battelle, Jen McCarthy, Carla Mararian, Colleen Callahan-Panday, Andrea Trimmer, Lynn Beauregard, Todd Wheeler

Academic Foundation:

Leads: Carla Mararian, Sarah Miles

Academic Core: Carla Mararian, Sarah Miles

UG Advising: Paul Reilly, Elizabeth Jacoby

GR Advising: Terri Camesano, Rory Flinn

Degree Audit: Paul Reilly, Dan Richard

Student Financials:

Lynn Beauregard (lead), Yvonne Harris, Patrick Hitchcock, Todd Wheeler, Christina Macaulay

Financial Aid:

Integration with PowerFAIDS:
Todd Wheeler (lead), Mike DiRuzza, Lynn Beauregard, Kevin Shanahan, Adam Epstein

Graduate Financial Aid: Terri Camesano, Melissa Terrio (or other FSB designee)

Admissions & Recruiting:

Baseline build plus integration with Salesforce & Slate:
Gerta Gjata (lead), Christine Banning, John Plunkett, Carla Mararian, Todd Wheeler, Christine Lynch, Adam Epstein, Christina Macaulay, Brian Degon 

Daren Tucker (lead) with Jill Desmarais, John Plunkett, Ralph Sheehan, Seling Mao, Shruti Muralidharan, Kim Bromann (Testing lead), Jonathan Eck

Gerta Gjata (lead), Shruti Muralidharan, Jeffrey Kilelo, IR Team (as it applies), Core leads and members (as applicable)