Accessing SharePoint Files

SharePoint files can be accessed using any of these options:

MyApps/Office 365

SharePoint is included on (Access O365 for the Web in Actions.) Open a SharePoint site, select Documents on the left. The folders and file structure will appear.  

Synced Folder in OneDrive

Access folders in OneDrive Files On Demand using instructions for Syncing a SharePoint Library (in Related Articles).  Access the synchronized folders under Worcester Polytechnic Institute ( using one of the following:

  • Click the OneDrive icon (blue cloud) in the system tray (lower right), then select Open Folder.
  • Click the File Explorer icon (file folders) in the task bar (bottom of screen)  

Optional: to view in Quick Access at top of File Explorer list, right click on folder, select Pin to Quick Access.


The SharePoint Online App can be added to your favorites on Instructions are in Add Apps to Hub Homepage (Related Articles).

Managing SharePoint Files

File features:

  • Saved automatically once created/uploaded in SharePoint.
  • Available using any device that can reach the internet and open SharePoint Online.
  • Sharable internally with WPI account holders and externally with collaborators (varies depending upon security needed for data and site permissions). Details in Share Office 365 Files in OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams (Related Articles). 
  • Synchronous editing is available. 
 Synchronous Editing: 
Multiple people can view Office 365 files simultaneously. When people are using various clients and apps, there may be a lag. In this case, it may be better for an individual to edit and screenshare with collaborators.

Manage Via Documents in SharePoint

Open a SharePoint site, select Documents on the left. The folder and file structure will appear.

Commands on the top are available for files and folders including: New, Upload, Share, Copy, Sync, Download.

When hovering on a file/folder, More Actions are available using three dots to right.