For many Cherwell users, you will likely choose one role and never need to choose one again! 

Choose Role option in Cherwell: IT Service Desk and IT Service Desk Manager as options.

Upon login, checking the "Always use selected role" box will default to that chosen role on future logins.

Using Roles

Roles come into play when there are multiple workflows within a position.

For example:

The Service desk features a Front-desk and a Call-Center; By having two roles here, we can provide slightly different workflows for the workers in those areas based upon where they are currently working. A dashboard for the front desk might feature shortcuts to quick-create tickets about Microsoft Office Installs, or Issues with the Printers in the Print Center, while the call-center may have quick-tickets for pin resets, or MFA issues.

Roles are also a handy way to provide quick productivity shortcuts for managers looking to have a separation of workflows between their oversight and reporting duties, and their operational need to do work in the tool. 

Changing Roles

If you have selected "Always use selected role" or you are a user that is changing your current role you can switch roles within Cherwell by doing the following:

Go to File > Logout

Cherwell File Menu with Logout highlighted. Hint text displayed: Logout or change connection or role

Select Change Role and click OK

Cherwell logoff options: Logoff and change user; Change connection; Change role; Exit

Select the desired role and press OK.