Cherwell Layout

Cherwell Layout: A) Toolbars B) Task Pane C) Main Content
  • Cherwell Toolbars

    The Menus

    FileMain application actions for exports, logout etc.
    EditCopy, paste, delete, etc
    ViewChange between views of the current record, and navigate the app
    SearchingSearch management, and quick search builder. Used for finding records by criteria
    One-StepOne steps are useful 'macros' that allow for powerful interactions, integrations, and automation
    CustomerQuick access to Customer info for current record
    DashboardsDashboards are interactive reports that allow you to drilldown and find records.
    ToolsQuick access to tools like the CMDB, Calendars and Reporting
    LocalizationChange language settings
    ActionsIf they exist shortcuts for actions to take on a record will be here
    HelpLinks to online documentation for the tool

    The Action Buttons

    Button (Button Icon Description)Description
    Back (Left Blue Arrow)Go pack to the previous screen
    Forward (Right Blue Arrow)Move forward to the next screen after going back
    Home (Green House)Returns you to your home screen / dashboard
    CalendarBrings up your default calendar
    NewCreate a new record. Choosing the + will create for the current object type, choosing the chevron will allow you to choose which type of record you would like.
    Save (Floppy Disc)Save the current record. If you have made changes or run a process it is always best to save the record. Anytime this Icon is enabled it means you have unsaved changes.
    Abandon (Garbage Can)Abandon current changes on the record. Useful if you change your mind, or start modifying the wrong record.
    Lock Status (Lock)Records are locked once a technician starts working on them. This prevents technicians from overwriting other's work. This status indicator will tell you if something is locked and to whom.
    Cut, Copy, PasteStandard editing features
    Attachments (Paperclip)Records can have items attached to them such as PDFs, images, or spreadsheets. If a user sends in details as a file, or if you would like to attach a more detailed plan to a record, this is where that would happen.
    Legal Values (3 Vertical Lines)If something is validated, you can view the acceptable values here.
    Encryption (Eye)Some fields may be stored encrypted for security. If such a field exists you can use this button to view its contents.
    Print (Printer)Prints the record
    Search Manager (Magnifying Glass)Quick access to the search manager
    Results List (Left Arrow with Uneven Horizontal Lines)View all results in current search list.
    Current Record (Right Arrow with Uneven Horizontal Lines)Show the currently selected record from the list
    Record Navigation (Double Left Arrows, Value of Value, Double Right Arrows)Navigate through a results list, forward and backward.
    Cherwell Toolbar: File, Edit, Searching, One-Step, Customer, Dashboards, Tools, Localization, Incident Actions, Help
  • The Task Pane

    The task pane features quick actions and quick search. The primary feature of the task pane is the search capabilities.

    Task Pane: Quick Search looking to Search Incidents.

    Within Quick search you can choose which object you would like to search (Search incident is shown above). You can click this option to change through the objects you have access to.

    You can then enter your query in the search box. If you would like to view only records that are open (not in their final state) you can choose 'open...only'.

    Tip: Hide Task Pane
    If you want to hide the task pane to give yourself more real estate for the Main Content, click the pin icon so it is horizontal. When you want to use the task pane search feature, hover your mouse over the Task Pane / Clipboard Icon for it to expand!
  • Main Content

    This section shows the main record, or dashboard, or calendar or whichever item you are showing here.

    Within a record the content can be divided into two primary sections:

    • C1 - The Information Bar
    • C2 - The Content Tabs
    Main Content: C1) Information Bar C2) Content Tabs

    The Information Bar

    This section of record content shows high-level aggregate info about the priority, status, customer info, and technician assignment info.

    Content Tabs

    Content within a record is separated into convenient tabs to help organize information in an easily consumable way. The primary tabs are forms where we can capture information for the record. But there are also linking tabs which show related information about the record. This info can be items like journals, created tasks from the record, or expanded information about the record such as detailed customer info, and ticket history.

    Tabs can be tricky because sometimes they have expressions that control when and how they appear. For example a change request may have between 1 and 3 primary tabs, depending on the type of change. Or an approvals tab wont appear if a request does not require approvals.

    For more information on tabs, and their content refer to the individual modules about various record types.