Important Field Information

Title (Strategy)

What is the Strategy?

Measures of Success

How will your department quantify and measure the successful completion of the strategy? You must use bullet points in the following manner:

•Measure 1. •Measure 2. •Measure 3. etc.

Feel free to copy the bullet to ensure formatting works correctly: 


Status options include:

  • Pre-Launch: Not ready to get started on the Action
  • Launched: Beginning steps of working on the Action
  • In-Progress: Actively working on completing the Action
  • Complete: Action has been achieved!

Start / End Dates

Projected starting and ending dates. These don't have to be specific dates, but can be in the format of:

  • Season YYYY
  • X Term YYYY
  • Month YYYY

Goal 1 - 4

The Strategy should match the Goal that the Action is connected to.

Parent Goal Title

This will automatically populate when creating a new Strategy from an Action.

  • Create New Strategy

    To create a new strategy:

    1. Double-click into your Department's Actions
    2. Double-click into the Action you will be creating a new Strategy for
    3. Go to the Strategy tab
    4. Press New Strategy
    5. Input the necessary information:
      • Title (Strategy)
      • Measures of Success
      • Select Goal(s)
      • Status
      • Start/End Date
    6. Press the Save icon
    Demonstration of the process to create a New Strategy in the desktop client.
  • Modify Existing Strategy

    One of the primary reasons for editing an existing Strategy is to update the status of the Strategy as progress is started or made on the Strategy!

    To edit an existing IE Strategy:

    1. Double-click into your department's Actions
    2. Double-click the parent Action of the Strategy that requires updates
    3. Go to the Strategies Tab
    4. Select the Strategy that requires an update
    5. Make necessary changes
    6. Press the Save icon
    Demonstration of the process to modify an existing Strategy in the desktop client.