In accordance with WPI’s Data Classification Policy and Sensitive Data Labelling Plan (linked in Actions/Related Articles), files with sensitive labels are able to be shared internally and externally.

  • Sharing documents with sensitivity labels within WPI does not require additional action.
  • Instructions for sharing documents with sensitivity labels outside of WPI are below.
MacOS Sharing
If using macOS, you must use Outlook Web App to share files with sensitivity labels.
  • Use SharePoint or OneDrive to share labelled files outside of WPI

    A document in SharePoint that has a sensitivity label applied is denoted by the padlock. It can be shared as follows:

    Lock icon appears on icon for file labeled sensitive

    1. Hover over the padlock icon to reach the override menu, click view policy tip.

    Right click file menu with View Policy tip highlighted

    2. On the new window that opens click override.

    Policy tip window with option to Override highlighted

    3. In the Override window, type the business justification in the text box (above the submit button). Click submit. The action is now recorded and the file can now be shared externally via a sharing link.

    Override justification text box

    If the override is successful it displays: policy overriden. Close to continue.

    4. Finally, navigate back to the file, right click, and choose share from the menu.

    Right click file menu with Share highlighted
  • Use Outlook or Outlook Web App to share labelled documents outside of WPI

    MacOS Requirement

    If using macOS, you must use Outlook Web App to share documents with sensitivity labels.

    Order of Operations Is Vital

    The order of drafting the message and attaching labelled documents is important. Ensure that you:

    1. Add the recipient
    2. Attach the document

    If not completed in this order you may receive a notification the e-mail could not be sent. If you recevie this notification, begin again following the order above. 


    1. When an e-mail is drafted with a recipient outside of WPI, and the attachment is a document that has a label, in the Policy tip you must first click show details (to maximize the policy tip) then override and a prompt will appear.

    Outlook Policy tip with Show details  highlighted

    2. Type a business justification in the prompt. Note: If you don’t click override and provide a business justification before clicking send, the e-mail will not be delivered.

    Windows Outlook client business justification checkbox and text box
    Outlook Web App business justification checkbox and text box

    3. Proceed to sending the message. A policy tip will appear at the top of window indicating that the override with business justification was successful.

    4. The external recipient will receive the e-mail with a link to view the attachment securely.

    Windows Outlook client recipient's protected message
    Outlook Web App client recipient's protected message
    Recipient one-time passcode