AWS Account Types

AWS Account

AWS Accounts give users the ability to use the full AWS site. 


AWS Accounts require:

  • Any email address
  • Payment Information
Payment Recommendation
 WPI ITS recommends payment using a pre-paid debit card rather than linking to a credit card.

AWS Educate Accounts

AWS Educate Accounts provide access to the documentation and materials.


Requirements for faculty to create an AWS Educate Account:

  • WPI Email Address
  • Link to a web page that shows your school biography or other information that can be used to verify both your affiliation with the school and active teaching role to expedite the approval process.
  • Complete AWS Educator Application

  Requirements for students to create an AWS Educate Account:  

  • WPI Email Address
  • Complete AWS Educate Student Application form

Join AWS Educate with an AWS Educate Account

To join AWS Educate, first create an AWS Account using your WPI email address. This requires setting up a payment method with a pre-paid debit card or a credit card. Then link your AWS Account to WPI's AWS Educate account from the AWS Educate Application page. Amazon may take a few days to validate your account.

After you have been approved, Amazon will send you a confirmation email with an AWS credit code.  

You can redeem your credit code in your AWS account by:

  1. Log into your AWS Account
  2. Choose Billing & Cost Management Credits from the left menu
  3. Enter the Promo Code from your Welcome Email
  4. Complete the Security Check
  5. Select Redeem

Once your code is validated, it will be added to the table at the bottom of of the page.

Student Account Options
Students can generate AWS Educate Accounts or AWS Educate Starter Accounts. The offerings and availability vary by account.