Access My Commencement

In the WPI Hub, Sign In, then click open your profile icon.

Click My Dashboard, then click the mortarboard icon for My Commencement.

WPI Hub > My Dashboard > My Commencement

Managing Guests

On the My Commencement page, click open Manage Guests.

Open Manage Guests
Editing Guests
You must submit the CDC Survey in order to Invite / Manage Guests. Please give up to one business after responding to the CDC Survey to gain access to managing guests.

Click the Add Guest or + button add enter information (first and last name plus email address) about your guest.

Click the + button to add a guest

You need to first RSVP to be able to Manage Guests.

After you add a guest, the guest will receive an email from with a link to their ticket.

If you use the same email address for all of your tickets, the tickets will be grouped by that email address.

Sharing Guest Link

Image showing a commencement ticket with the Share Link action button highlighted

An email is automatically sent to the provided address for each ticket that lets the guest know their ticket access URL. 

If a guest cannot find that email, you can choose the 'Share Link' action from the ticket actions menu on a ticket to access the ticket URL.

Removing Guests

Image showing a commencement ticket with the Void Ticket action button highlighted

If you make an error when sending your guests invites, or have changed your mind about who to invite; you can choose the 'Void Ticket' Action from the ticket actions menu on a ticket. 

Note that no messaging is sent to the voided guest and it is your responsibility  to let them know their ticket is invalid. Any links sent for voided tickets will no longer work for entry to the event.