Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) is an annual event on the third Thursday in May. Its purpose is to discuss how to make the latest technology and digital content more accessible for disabled people.

In recognition of GAAD, below are some ways Workday is accessible to people who use assistive technology. If you would like to read more about this, check out Workday’s page on accessibility and their Medium article. The links are at the end of the Actions menu.

Accessibility Overview

When using Workday, you can press Tab on your keyboard and two large buttons will appear at the top of your screen. They are Skip to main content and Accessibility Overview. If you select Accessibility Overview, you will get a long list of the ways Workday is designed to accommodate assistive technology users.

Another way to get to the same page is to type Accessibility Interaction Overview into your Workday search bar.

Screenshot of the buttons Skip to main content and Accessibility Overview.

Accessibility Features in Workday

  • Responsive Interface - Workday has a responsive interface that automatically shifts when you enlarge the text/image size using your browser’s Zoom in feature. Check out the Change Font Size in Browser article in the Actions menu to learn how to enlarge your browser's text.
  • High color contrast – most of the Workday app is black or blue text on a white background, which makes it easier for people with color vision deficiency or low vision to read the page. To learn more check out the 2 Actions menu links on color contrast.
  • Alternative Calendar View – easier to use with assistive technologies, such as screen readers. When you’re on the Enter Time page in Workday, press the Tab key multiple times until the Alternative Calendar View link appears and select it.
Screenshot of a time entry page, highlighting the Alternative Calendar View.