Because public computers are managed by IT differently than personally assigned computers, please consider the guidelines below when using OneDrive file storage on lab, classroom, and podium computers.

Access your OneDrive folder

How to start OneDrive on a public computer:

  1. Find and click on the OneDrive shortcut on the desktop.
  2. Sign in with your WPI account and answer MFA if needed.
  3. Save any work to your OneDrive folder.

On a Windows computer, the folder path is: C:\users\userProfile\OneDrive.

File Management

Files on Demand

Files On-Demand is turned on to save space on public computers. This means files are online-only, whether newly created online or previously created on another device. The files are not saved to the public computer unless you click on Always Keep on This Device.

  • IT recommends clicking Always Keep on This Device for files you’re working with in class to make using it faster. Details are in Syncing a SharePoint Library Related Articles and Video: OneDrive Files on Demand (Actions).
  • The first time you click on a file in OneDrive on a computer the file will download. Depending on the file size this can take up to a minute. 

Sync Files

It is vital to ensure your files are synced before leaving the computer because idol profiles will be removed after 7 days, and un-synced files will be deleted. Instructions are in Syncing a SharePoint Library Related Articles.

Deletion Warning

If files are deleted from the OneDrive folder on a public computer, they are actually being deleted from online storage (not just that computer). If a file is accidentally deleted, please see Recover Deleted OneDrive Files (Related Article).