For each IQP/MQP project, an advisor is encouraged to fill out an Advisor Report on IQP Learning to evaluate their students.

1. In eProjects (login linked in Actions), once an eCDR submission reaches the Advisor Approval and Evaluation stage, advisors will have the option of filling out an Advisor Report on IQP Learning. On that same eCDR submission page, there will be a red box with text: Please fill out your Advisor Report on IQP Learning. Click the link to begin.

2. Read the description of the report and click Next Page.

Survey Introduction

3. Double check that the project listed is the project you intended to fill out a survey for then click Next Page.

Review project name

4. Rate each student on questions 1-9 or use the Batch Score column to rate all the students at once.  

Note:  If your project has more than a few students, horizontally scroll to the right to see all the columns to rate them.

Rating Questions

5. Click Submit.