WPI community members can report suspected phishing email attempts to ITS for investigation.

Report phishing as follows:

Send mail:

  1. Create a new message for phishing@wpi.edu
  2. Attach a copy of the suspicious email to the new message
  3. Delete the suspected phishing message

Outlook Report Button:

When the message is open, click the Report button.

Outlook client - Report Message envelope with exclamation point icon.
Outlook web app - Report message shield icon

When the report button is clicked the message will then be reported to Microsoft as well as Abnormal Email Security. The user will receive a report back from infosec-noreply@wpi.edu determining if the reported message is SAFE, SPAM, or MALICIOUS. If the email is safe no action is required. If the message is SPAM, or MALICIOUS Abnormal Email Security will remove the message from the user's mailbox.

If you clicked any links on the suspected phishing message, please reset your password immediately and inform ITS you clicked the link.