• Backing Up Course Files

    1. Navigate to the Files area of your Canvas site.
    2. Use Control + A from your keyboard to click and select multiple files and/or folders from your Files list.
    3. Once you have one or more files selected, a row of 5 buttons will appear at the top of the page. Click Download.
    4. Depending on how large your files are, you will see a progress status at the top of your screen. Once the files have been prepared for download, it will automatically download to your computer in a "zip" format.
     This image shows a course Files area. Multiple files are selected and are ready to be downloaded using the Download  button.  
  • Exporting Canvas Course to an LMS-compliant Format

    You can export a Canvas course to upload to another institution's Canvas instance or to have as a backup once the retention policy has expired on your Canvas course site. You can import an export file back into Canvas at any time.

    Exports are packaged as .imscc files. This file type can only be opened by programs that support Common Cartridge files. Most standard Learning Management Systems (Canvas, Blackboard, etc.) support the .imscc file type.

    Exports do not include student data (i.e. rosters, grades, submissions).

    A Note about exports
    The export will only export content native to Canvas. This includes course files, module items, and assessments (assignments and quizzes). Textbook publisher integrations, lecture capture videos, and other 3rd-party tool content will not be included in the export.
    1. In your course navigation menu, click Settings.
    2. Click Export Course Content  located on the right.
    3. In the Export Type, select Course.
    4. Click Create Export.
    5. The progress bar will indicate the status of the export. You will also receive an email when the export is complete.
    6. Once the export is ready, click the New Export link to download.