• Create Job Requisition

    To start, type Create Job Requisition in your Workday search bar or go to My Team worklet under Actions column and select Create Job Requisition

    Input the following information and click OK:  

    • Supervisory Organization (will auto-populate though you can edit as needed)
      • Select an organization with the -JM suffix
      • Please email talent@wpi.edu if you cannot find the Supervisory Organization that you need
    • Worker Type auto-populates with Employee
  • Recruiting Information

    Press the edit icon button and input information for the following and press Next:

    Number of Openings

    Field used primarily if filling temporary job requisition with multiple hires, specify the number.


    If the reason is to replace an existing employee, the Reason For field should also be entered.  If new position, select Temporary Hire

    Recruiting instructions

    This information informs the recruiter how to post the job (internally and/or externally)

    Recruiting Start Date

    Date the posting should become public

    Target Hire Date

    Desired date for the new employee to complete the hiring process

    Target End Date

    This is a required field for temporary, seasonal and adjunct positions

  • Job Details

    Press the edit icon button to input required fields and press Next.

    The Justification is a required field. Explain why the requisition is needed.

    Enter a Job Description – advertisement

    Job Profile – Type Temporary for a temporary/seasonal posting and choose whether it is an hourly, salary or period activity pay (PAP)

    • Type Adjunct for an adjunct posting and select whether it is an Instructor/Lecturer or adjunct Teaching Professor

    Worker Sub-Type – Should be set to Temporary and Time Type should be set to Part time

    Primary Location – type Worcester

  • Qualifications, Organizations, Attachments, and Summary


    Inputting Qualifications are an optional field. They can be added by pressing Add under the desired section. When Qualifications have been added, press Next.


    Organizations information will auto-populate based on the position. If they need to be changed, press the edit icon. After all selections are made, press Next.


    The Attachments screen allows the option to add pertinent documents for the job requisition. After adding any attachments, press Next.


    Fully read and review the Job Requisition. Use the edit icon to make any necessary changes. When the requisition has been validated, press Submit.

  • Request Requisition Compensation

    Compensation will auto-populate in the Request Requisition Compensation step. If editing is required: 

    1. After creating the Job Requisition you may be prompted immediately in the Up Next section. If prompted press Open.
    2. A task may become available in your Workday Inbox
    3. Scroll to the Salary or Hourly sections (depending on the Job Type) and press the edit (pencil) icon
    4. Enter the required fields and Submit.  
    Approvals are required by the Manager, Operations Manager, Dean/Staff Approver, Division Approver, and Recruiter at this point. Upon approval, Primary Recruiter is assigned to the job requisition and will post the job position on the recruiting instructions.
    Next Steps...
    Primary Recruiters will get a notification in their Workday Inbox to post the job. Administrative Assistants or Hiring Managers will receive a notification in their inbox to Create a Search Committee if one is required.
  • Post Job – Primary Recruiter

    A Primary Recruiter will be assigned to the Job Requisition. If the Job Requisition includes a Recruiting Instruction of Post Externally and/or Internally, the Primary Recruiter will have the option to Post Job.

    Managers can contact the Primary Recruiter to request additional advertising source or add comments on the Job Requisition.

    Search Committee?
    If a Search Committee is required for the Job Requisition, Administrative Assistances and Primary Recruiters will receive the prompt to Create a Search Committee automatically within their Workday Inbox