Graduate Student Project Registration Form

The graduate student project registration is a closed-loop process implemented in the eProjects 2.0 ecosystem, where a request to register for a specific graduate project experience (e.g., PhD dissertation, MS thesis, GQP, Directed Research, Independent Study) is initiated by the graduate student and is then reviewed by the specified faculty advisor, relevant department/program (optional), and Registrar’s office.

The purpose of this process is to ensure that all details about the graduate project are correctly defined, and that all relevant individuals involved with the project experience are informed about the proposed experience. In the event that any proposed project details need to be edited, the graduate student project registration process allows for individuals at different stages of the process to send the project registration back for updating before it can proceed to final approval at the Registrar office and entry into the Workday system.

To register for a graduate project, first login to and click Graduate Project Registration on the menu bar at the top. Then fill out the following information.

  • Project Type - This field specifies the type of graduate project experience you would like to register for within a specific graduate program, such as a PhD dissertation or Directed Research. Note that not all graduate programs have the same graduate project experience, which means several project types may not be available.
  • Project Title - The project title briefly describes the proposed graduate project experience you are planning to pursue as part of this registration. When submitting a title, make sure to be concise, descriptive, avoid acronyms when possible, and avoid jargon. This project title is what will appear in Workday and your transcripts.
  • Abstract - A short and concise abstract describing your proposed graduate project will assist in conveying to others what you are planning to pursue as part of this experience. In the case of PhD dissertation and MS thesis registrations, this abstract can be edited in amended registrations in subsequent semesters/years; it will automatically appear in future registrations.
  • Department - This field indicates the academic department/program associated with the proposed graduate project experience, which may differ from your own affiliated academic department/program. For example, you could be registering for a Directed Research project in Robotics engineering but you are a MS student in ECE.
  • Academic Period - This field indicates which term/semester you are proposing to pursue the graduate project experience.
  • Credits - This field indicates the number of graduate credits for the proposed graduate project experience.
  • Advisor - The primary advisor of the proposed graduate project is specified by this field. The proposed primary advisor must be able to advise graduate projects at WPI see “Project, Thesis, and Dissertation Advising” section in for faculty project advisor requirements, and must be able to advise these graduate projects in the academic department/program indicated in the above field. Note that the specified primary advisor will review this registration as part of this process and can eitherapprove it or send it back requesting edits/updates.  Once approved, the registration request is then forwarded to relevant department/program (optional) before being sent to Registrar office for final review/approval.
  • Co-Advisors - List any faculty co-advisors who are involved with the proposed graduate project experience.  
  • Additional Students (optional) - Up to 10 additional students may be included in the registration.  Depending on the type of graduate project experience, please indicate other students who are involved with the proposed project. Note that they will also need to submit a graduate project registration request.

Once you've entered in all your details, please click Save and Review.  If any details need to be adjusted, you may click edit and fix them at this time.  When you're satisfied with your request, please submit it to your advisor for approval. Note that no further edits will be permitted past this point unless your advisor or the registrar's office sends the request back to you.

Registration Approval

After a student completes the project registration form, it will be submitted to the primary faculty advisor indicated in the registration request for review/approval. If approved, an optional departmental/program review may occur depending if the department/program has opted in. If not, the project registration request will move directly to the Registrar's office for final review/approval. Once the registration request has been approved at every stage of this process, the registration will be finalized and recorded in Workday.