- These instructions are for version 18.4 or higher.

  • Register with IBMid

    1: Users will need to go to "https://login.ibm.com/" and register for an IBMid account using your WPI email.

  • SPSS Modeler

    2: Once registered go to "https://www.ibm.com/academic/topic/data-science", login and enter your WPI email.

    2a: You may be prompted to login with your IBMid.

    2b: Once logged in, scroll down the page and select "Software" on the left side of the screen.

    2c: Select "SPSS Modeler Premium".

  • SPSS Authorization Code

    3: A pop-up will appear giving you the option to download the software, first you are going to want to request "Request an SPSS Authorization Code".

    3a: Save this code, it should look like this: f5760dde4d5002e30c9

    3b: Optionally you can download the software or access it on one of WPI's Terminal Servers.

  • Product Authorization

    4: Open SPSS Modeler, you will get a notification that SPSS Modeler is running in trial mode or not running with an active license.

    4a: Select 'License Product", wait for the IBM licensing program (LAW) to open you will want to select "Next".

    4b: You are giving the option for "Product Authorization", select "Authorized user license".

    5: Enter the code that you saved from '3a' and select next.