Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Please ensure that your student has read and accepted the AUP. Joining an enterprise network may be a new experience, as it is managed very differently from a home network. The AUP details networking activity rules. Also, please understand that there is no expectation of privacy on the WPI network.

WPI Account and Access

Each student needs to know their username and password before arriving on campus. These credentials will be used constantly! Passwords and Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) should never be shared, and nobody from ITS will ask for their password.  Students can add a proxy to allow a parent or legal guardian to view certain details, such as grades, course schedules, and payments. All proxy access must be initiated by the student.


To make sure you receive email from your student and other important communications from WPI, we recommend you whitelist in your email client so these messages arrive in your inbox.

Personal Device Safety

Encourage your student to have a keen awareness of protecting personal devices in public places. WPI Campus Police offers STOP, a theft deterrent program. Details will be available to your student during New Student Orientation.

Software and Warranty

Bring them along! If your student has installed specialized software, a copy of the media or download information can be very helpful if a reinstall is needed. A copy of warranty and vendor information will benefit your student in the event of hardware issues. And remember, students also have access to lab computers and can borrow ITS computers for use in the Library and Campus Center.


The ITS Service Desk is here to help your student with their technology needs at WPI. Assistance is provided for various topics including academic and productivity software, configuring devices on WPI's network, printing, account issues, and so much more. Students are welcome to contact us.