Unsigned macros or macros signed with an untrusted certificate will not work on the WPI network or a WPI owned machine.

  • To safely use macros at WPI, we require adding a Trusted Location to all applications on all computers, including lab or podium computers.
  • To share macros with others outside of WPI, we recommend digitally signing your macro so that others are assured your files do not contain malicious programming.

Create a Trusted Location:

Add, remove or change a trusted location within each application where you use macros using the instructions provided by Microsoft (Actions).

We recommend creating the trusted location on your device.

Be sure Allow Trusted Locations on my network is checked if adding your personal network space.

Digitally Sign a Macro:

When you create macros, the availability of those macros depends on the security settings on the user's machine.

Digitally sign a macro using the instructions provided by Microsoft (Actions). Doing so informs the system it is coming from a trusted source and that it hasn't been tampered with for malicious purposes. (Similar to product safety seals on some consumer foods and pharmaceuticals.)