Faculty can email their entire class as long as the term is active and the course is published. Faculty can open their class as early as needed using the instructions Extend Term Dates in Canvas (Related Article). 

There are three Classlist options within the Canvas learning management system for faculty:

  • Download the class roster for use in Excel.
  • View all students and groups in a Canvas course.
  • Use the Canvas message tool, which will send a copy of a message to the recipient's WPI email as well as any replies to the instructor's email in addition to storing the message Canvas Conversations.
The options above assume that the student has activated their WPI account. A student won't appear in Canvas until their account has been provisioned.


 While there is not a single-click option to email all students in a course section with Workday, student email is available in the report View Course Section Roster – WPI.

1. On the Teaching Worklet, open View Course Section Roster - WPI. Enter the Academic Period(s) and enter your name for Course Section Instructor. Press OK.

2. In the table of results, click on the number under View Roster to see student information for that course section. You may need to click and drag the double diagonal lines in the lower right corner of the report to resize it.

Workday report View Course Section Roster - WPI

3. A table of student information, including Student WPI Email will be displayed. Click the export to Excel button, upper right above table.

Workday table displays student information and export to Excel button

4. Copy email addresses from Excel, then paste into an Outlook email message.


Bannerweb can be used for courses through Summer Session E2-2021. Workday contains data for all courses beginning in Fall 2021.

Faculty can generate their own classlists at

  1. Log into BannerWeb.
  2. Click on the Faculty Services link.
  3. Click on either the Class List Summary link or the Detailed Class List link.
  4. Select the Term for your course and click the Submit button.
  5. Select the Course you want the Class List for and click the Submit button.
    • To download this class list to a spreadsheet, click on the Create Spreadsheet button located just below the Enrollment Counts area.
    • To email this class scroll to the bottom and click on the Email Class button located below the last students enrollment info.


Many academic department administrative assistants can generate classlists using Argos. Faculty can request this directly through their department office.