After completing account reactivation steps below, please allow up to three hours for WPI systems to recognize your profile.

Returning Students:

Reactivate prior username and set a new password.

  1. Select to Reset WPI Password.
  2. Enter your WPI email address and the CAPTCHA provided.
  3. Select the authentication method you would prefer.
  4. Enter the authentication code provided to you.
  5. Choose a password for your WPI account.

Your WPI username is established based on your first initial, middle initial and last name. For example, John A. Smith would receive the username jasmith and email address If the resulting username already exists in the system for another user, the username that will be chosen will have a number appended to it. For example, James A. Smith will receive the username jasmith2 and email

When returning students recreate an account in this manner, their prior username is resurrected automatically.

If you encounter any issues accessing your account, please contact IT.