• Active WPI Account
  • Faculty or Staff Affiliation
    • Employees can request a SharePoint site on behalf of a student, but must remain an owner

Automatic Creation

When a Microsoft Office group is created, a Sharepoint website is automatically created that is tied to that group. To access the Sharepoint site after creating a group:

  1. Navigate to in a web browser.
  2. On the left side, select the group name.
  3. Click the three dots (...) beside the calendar icon.
  4. Select Site.

When a Microsoft Team is created, SharePoint document libraries securely store files where team members can find them on any device.  SharePoint files in a team channel can be viewed:

  • within Teams on the Files tab.
  • within SharePoint by selecting Open in SharePoint.
  • by adding a SharePoint page, list or document library as a tab in Teams (see instructions from Microsoft in Actions).

Request Creation

Users can also request SharePoint sites through IT Services. Send ITS the following information and ITS can create the SharePoint site:

  • Desired Name
  • Owner(s)
  • List of Members (usernames)
  • Business Case
  • Public or Private
    • Public: everyone in the organization can see the site
    • Private: only members can see the site

Add or Remove Members

SharePoint site owners can add and remove members via the Outlook group. Complete instructions to Edit Group Members and Owners from Microsoft are in Actions