• Active WPI account
  • Access eProjects 2.0
  • Project Advisor or Editor role
    • Faculty receive Advisor role by default
    • Project Advisors can only edit or delete their own Project Opportunities
    • Editor or Advisor roles may be requested using the Request Help button
  • Required fields are marked with a red * within eProjects

Create or Edit Project

  1. Login to eProjects.
  2. Click Advisor.
    • To create a new project choose Add Project.
    • To edit an existing project choose My Projects, then select the project and click the Edit tab.
  3. Complete the project opportunity form, consisting of the three sections detailed below as well as fields for Continuation and Banner Group ID.
  4. Click Save in lower left.


The Description tab contains these fields:

  • Type
  • Title
  • Description and Abstract: rich text fields; the first paragraph of the Description is the default Abstract.
  • Project Image: multiple images can be added; Alternative text is required.

Additional Project Details 1

The Additional Project Details 1 section generally contains the fields below. Some fields may vary due to the type of project.

  • Area of Study: multiple selections allowed
  • Work Location
  • Student Qualifications: multiple selections allowed; can be marked as Required or Preferred
  • U.S. Citizen Requirement
  • Advisor: multiple entries allowed; can be marked as Advisor or Co-Advisor
  • Team Size: can enter minimum and maximum number of students
  • Project Continuation: select to indicate the project is part of a larger program

Additional Project Details 2

The Additional Project Details 2 section generally contains the fields below. Some fields may vary due to the type of project.

  • Status
  • Academic Year
  • Terms
  • Academic Department
  • Sponsor
  • URL: Link to the project web site
  • Course Number: Course Number assigned by the Registrar.

Advertise Project

The Project status appears in the upper right when viewing a project.  The project status field can be used to display a project, or disable a project without deleting it. Status options are:

  • Advertising:  Visible and searchable by all who login to eProjects
  • Draft: Only visible and searchable by Advisors and Co-Advisors
  • Active, Registered, Finalized: for internal use only

Project Advisors can advertise projects by:

  1. In the project, click the Edit tab.
  2. In Additional Project Details 2 for Status choose Advertising.
  3. Terms: Recurring projects can be advertised by selecting multiple academic terms.
  4. Click Save in lower left.

Project Advisors can hide projects by:

  1. In the project, click the Edit tab.
  2. In Additional Project Details 2 for Status choose Draft.
  3. Click Save in lower left.