Distribution Lists are aliases for a group of email recipients. Most distribution list names begin with the prefix 'dl-'.

When you use a list, you are agreeing to comply with the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and the Mailing List Policy. 

Standing Lists

Standing lists are distribution lists that individuals are automatically subscribed to based on attributes such as class year, major, and employee type.

Most standing lists have a specific academic or business purpose and do not allow you to opt out. However, there are several lists that do allow you to opt out:

  • dl-potpourri: Faculty and staff can exchange information on goods and services, or exchange advice or recommendations on goods and services.
  • dl-gradstudents-potpourri: Graduate students can communicate events, ads, share information, etc.
  • dl-campus-events: Announcements to students about campus events
  • dl-fundingopps: Announcements to faculty interested in funding opportunities
  • dl-women-faculty: Discussion among women faculty
  • dl-women-graduate-students: Announcements to women graduate students
  • dl-women-undergraduates: Announcements to women undergraduates

Anyone who opted out of a list can request to be put back in. Other opt ins are special cases made with the list owner’s approval, i.e. a staff member who should receive faculty notices.

Instructions to Opt In or Out

  • Request to be added to or removed from a list by using Request Help or emailing ITS@wpi.edu

Email Etiquette

Please consider email etiquette when using WPI group email and distribution lists. Misuse of WPI mailinglists violates the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), and can result in penalties. Further tips are in Related Articles.

Send BCC

When sending to a group email or distribution list, add the list using BCC. This protects the identity of the list and protects the recipients from email flaming events. To help recipients understand why they are receiving the message, include a To: field in the body of the email, e.g, To: Mechanical Engineering Faculty or To: Class of 2024.

Do Not Reply All

Recipients should refrain from using “reply all” to a group email or distribution list. In addition to potentially causing issue with WPI’s email system, it is a nuisance for recipients to receive numerous notifications on their smartphones or distracting pop-up messages on their computer screens.

Employees are auto-subscribed to dl-potpourri@wpi.edu during the account creation process. WPI affiliates are NOT, however, they may request to opt-in.