There are two license types for the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite :

  1. Named User License
  2. Shared Device License

Named User License


  • Active WPI Account
  • Employee Status or Student Status with faculty-supported course need

The Named User License is available for all Employees (Faculty, Staff, Contingent). This method of licensing associates an Adobe Application Suite license to a user's WPI Account.

A limited pool of Named User Licences are available on a term-by-term basis to Students, with priority given to students enrolled in courses requiring use of the software and without access to campus lab resources.


  • Individual WPI-Provisioned Workstations
  • Personal Machines
    • Named Users can install and license the product suite to their personal machines
You can only be signed into two machines concurrently. By logging into an Adobe application on a third machine, one of your previous logins will be terminated, and you will have to log back into the Adobe suite on that machine.

Shared User License


  • Active WPI Account
  • Employee or Student Status
  • WPI-Owned multi-user device

The Shared User License type is used for lab, classroom, loanable, and conference machines that multiple people access. Employees and Students automatically activate a single-session Shared User License when they use computers with this license installed.


  • Public Computer Labs
  • Research and Project Lab Machines
  • Loanable computers