The guest portal is available to sponsored guests of WPI employees or events. The overall operation is similar to using many public "hotspot" networks, such as at a cafe or hotel. A username and password is required to access this network. Most departments have a staff member who may provision the username and password. It may also be provisioned by WPI ITS via the request form, particularly if needed for a large event and/or duration longer than three days.


WPI IT requires the following information for processing Sponsored Guest Wireless passes:

  • Requests must be submitted at least two business days prior to the event
  • Sponsor (faculty or staff member) name and contact information
  • Event Name, Type, and Description
  • Length of Event (dates of event)
  • Number of guests

Information Technology will take this information and create a Sponsored Guest Pass. Credentials will be sent to the event sponsor to share with the visitors.