Faculty or Staff with a provisioned Named User License can install Adobe Creative Cloud applications on their personal computer. 

Students taking courses remotely that require Adobe CC should contact ITS for a Student-Named-License.

Install the Creative Cloud App Manager

The Creative Cloud Application Manager enables you to install any Adobe Creative Cloud Application from their Application Manager. This Application Manager also ensures that the installed apps are updating automatically.

  1. Use the Action to open the Adobe Creative Cloud Download Portal
  2. Press the option to Sign In in the top right
  3. Input your WPI Email Address 
  4. Select the option for Company or School Account
  5. Input your WPI Password
  6. Select an App from the screen, or choose Apps on the left side menu if you do not see the app you want
  7. Click Install beneath your desired app
  8. Once the download has completed, run the installer and follow the on-screen prompts
  9. After installation is completed, you can initiate installation of other Adobe apps through the same website, or through the Creative Cloud program that is no installed on your computer

Seeing a Try / Buy button instead of Install?

Adobe accounts can be "Personal" or "Workplace of School account" and we have two licensing methods; it's possible that you're logged in through a combination that doesn't recognize your license.

  1. Click the account icon (circle) in the upper right corner of the website or Creative Cloud application
  2. Sign out of your Adobe account
  3. Sign in again, choosing Workplace or School account type
  4. Employees: Choose "Nercomp" licensing if presented the option
    Students: Choose "Worcester Polytechnic Institute" if presented the option
Where are the actual apps?
 All apps are availble to install/uninstall and launch through the Creative Cloud application. Aditionally, they should appear in your app launcher or Start menu.