1. Connect to the WPI-Open Network
  2. Open Chrome and navigate to
  3. Choose Setup My WPI Wifi
  4. From the Select your device type dropdown, select Chrome OS
  5. Install from the Chrome Web Store
  6. You will be redirected to the JoinNow MultiOS page in the Chrome Web Store. Choose Add to Chrome
  7. Choose Add extension from the pop-up
  8. Back on the WPI Wireless Setup page, choose the Sign In option
  9. Login with your WPI email address and password
  10. Once logged in, choose Download from the WPI Wireless Setup page
  11. Go to the chrome://network#general tab and Choose File under Import ONC file: Select the downloaded .onc file.
    • You may receive a warning stating "Errors occurred during ONC parsing." This error can be safely disregarded and you may proceed to the next step.
  12. Go back to the WPI Wireless Setup tab, select your desired network, and choose Connect.
If you are unable to connect to the WPI-Wireless network, try rebooting the machine and choosing the network from your settings.