Tap the Press here to begin. button 

Start Page for the Podium Touch Pad.

There will be a prompt that reads Please wait while the system starts up.

Navigating the Main Page

Main Page of Podium Touch Pad after start up.

Source Selection

Along the Top of the touch pad are the options to project from.

Many classrooms include:

  • PC (the podium computer)
  • HDMI Input
  • USB-C Input
  • Pod
  • Blu-Ray
  • Doc Cam

Once a source is selected, additional controls may display.

Main Volume - Audio Controls

Along the right side of the touch panel, press the UP and DOWN arrow buttons to control the source audio volume. The Mute button will mute all audio from the selected source.

Room Controls

Select the Room Control button to modify the controls in the room.

Room Control Button located on the bottom right of the touch panel's main screen

Control the Projector's Power with the On or Off buttons. Use the Mute button to hide the image displayed on the projector (without power the projector down).

Move the image Up or Down on the screen to better meet your need.

Room Control menu options.

Turning Off the Projector

In the upper left of the Main Screen, tap the System Off button to simultaneously raise the projector screen and power down the projector.

Prompt after tapping System Off button.