The browser you use and its version can impact your web experiences when opening pages or accessing WPI applications.

Internet Explorer
Information Technology (IT) no longer recommends using Internet Explorer (IE). Microsoft support for IE is limited in Windows 10, and WPI applications function in other browsers.


  1. Use Preferred Browser: If a preferred browser is indicated for the application that you are using, then use that browser. If the page or application you are trying to open is unresponsive or produces an error, then close the browser and try a different one.
  2. Clear Browser Data: Periodically clearing the browser data (cache, cookies, history, etc.) can also improve computer performance by freeing up hard disk space and computing power while browsing the web. This can usually be done in the browser Settings.
  3. Update Version: Version updating is critical for security and varies by browser:
    • For personally-managed devices, update the browser(s) to improve security flaws and access improved features. Within the browser, visit About for the version and update information.
    • On WPI-owned IT-managed computers, Chrome for Business self-updates and Edge is regularly updated during IT monthly Windows maintenance.