The NoMAD software is automatically installed on all Macs deployed by WPI ITS as of February, 2020. After changing your WPI password, logging in to NoMAD will allow you to change the password for your local Mac account.

NoMAD Password Management

The NoMAD software should automatically run on login. If your WPI password and the password for your local account are congruent, then you will be signed in to NoMAD. The NoMAD icon will display how many days there are left until your password expires.

Synchronizing A Password

If the software recognizes that your WPI password is not synchronized with your local account, NoMAD will fail to start automatically and you will be prompted to update your password.


The NoMAD window that appears when your password needs to be synchronized.


Changing A Password

If you wish to change your WPI password from an IT provisioned Mac:

  1. Click the NoMAD menu bar icon in the upper right corner of your desktop.
  2. Select  Change Password.
  3. Enter your current password.
  4. Enter and verify your new password.
  5. Click Change Password.

Using NoMAD

Single Sign-On

After logging in to NoMAD, ensure that the Single Sign-On feature is enabled. This feature will automatically sign you into all WPI share drives and WPI webpages that use Microsoft Single Sign-On. If the NoMAD menu bar icon in the upper right corner of your desktop is in black and white:

  1. Click the NoMAD menu bar icon.
  2. Select Renew Tickets

The NoMAD menu bar icon will then display in full color. When the icon is in full color, that means that the Single Sign-On is enabled.

Software Installation

Software can be installed through the NoMAD application. To install software:

  1. In the upper right corner of the desktop, click the NoMAD menu bar icon.
  2. Click Get Software.
  3. The Self-Service program will open and you can select to install the desired software.