Congratulations on your new hire!  The new employee’s first days and initial weeks are filled with new information and many questions.  A manager’s goal in onboarding is to:

  • Create a sense of belonging, commitment and excellence in your environment
  • Help the employee understand their role in your department and its value to the overall mission of WPI
  • Provide the employee with tools to be successful and strategies to navigate within the new role
The Workday Hiring process must be complete.  

Prior to New Hire's Start Date

  • Send welcome email to new employee and confirm start date, office location, start time, first day contact person, dress code, scheduled plans for the day, etc. (Hiring manager/department should be copied.)    
  • Each new employee will receive a WPI email account and Workday access upon hire. To request a computer or laptop, phone, fax, specialized system and building access, please use the Onboarding/Access Form (Actions).
  • Set up a welcoming workspace. Prepare employee's workspace where they can find one or more welcoming notes, as well as one or more welcoming gifts, such as a plant, coffee mug, or other item with WPI’s logo. Order keys, office furniture, and office supplies.
  • Order business cards and/or nametags
  • Develop a department orientation agenda to share on the first day
  • Send an email announcement to department announcing the new hire and start date.
  • Provide temporary parking for the first day (if not received by Talent & Inclusion)

New Hire's First Day 

  • Ensure your new employee completes Section 1 of the I-9 Form online in Workday and ID documents are verified by HR within the first three business days of their start date
  • Review Campus ID Office website to request for a new WPI ID card.  Contact for questions.
  • Obtain parking permit through Campus Safety Office via WPI Parking Portal
  • Provide campus and department tour
  • Introduction to department and team members
  • Schedule a welcome lunch or dinner, if possible
  • Schedule regular reviews and 1-on-1 time
  • Identify a team member to be a resource or buddy for your new employee
  • Review work expectations and process for sick/vacation/personal time requests
  • Schedule regular reviews and 1-on-1 time

New Hire's First Week

  • Coordinate with HR to ensure all administrative and compliance items are covered
  • Attend IT Technology Orientation
  • Review job Description / Responsibilities
  • Create and review a Training Plan
  • Review Department Standards
  • Review Performance Management Process
  • Review the use of department equipment
  • Review phone / voicemail setup / dialing 
  • Review computer applications
  • Plan systems training (i.e. Workday, other)
  • Provide contact information for co-workers in your department
  • Set up meetings with key stakeholders or WPI community members for introductions
  • Arrange compliance and pertinent trainings required for the job