Use the following as a guide for reviewing candidates in a position pool.

Candidate Evaluation

Indicate which are true for you:

  • Read Candidate's CV
  • Read Candidate's Scholarship
  • Read Candidate's Letter of Recommendation
  • Met with Candidate
  • Had Lunch or Dinner with Candidate
  • Attended or Watched Candidate's Job Talk
  • Other (please specify):

Candidate Rating

Rate the Candidates on the following 1-5:

  1. Excellent
  2. Good
  3. Fair
  4. Poor
  5. No Basis to Judge
Please rate the candidate on each of the following:Rating
Notes & Comments regarding rating
Potential for (evidence of) scholarly impact
Potential for (evidence of) research productivity
Potential for (evidence of) research funding
Potential for (evidence of) collaboration and ability to communicate and interact from different cultures and backgrounds from their own.
Alignment with departmental priorities
Alignment with departmental values
Ability to make positive contribution to department’s climate
Potential (demonstrated ability) to attract and sustain graduate students
Potential (demonstrated ability) to teach and supervise undergraduates
Potential (demonstrated ability) to be a conscientious university community member
Potential (demonstrated ability) for innovation
Potential (demonstrated ability) for professionalism and leadership
Demonstrates commitment to building a culturally inclusive environment