Dispositioning candidates should be completed in real time for reporting purposes. Hiring Managers are expected to disposition candidates at the following stages:

  1. Review
  2. Initial Screen
  3. Interview
  4. Final Interview (if conducting more than one round of interviews)
  5. Reference Check

Disposition Candidates

The Hiring Manager should navigate to the Review Candidates screen in the Job Requisition.

There are two ways to Disposition Candidates:

  1. Open the candidate's application by pressing their name and press Move Forward or Decline
  2. Press the Review button in the Awaiting Me column

Move a Candidate Forward

If you wish to move a candidate forward to the next stage in the recruitment process, use the Move Forward button to select the next stage.

Interview / Final Interview Stage

When dispositioning a candidate to the Interview or Final Interview stage, add the names of the interviewer(s) and the date(s) of interviews. 

Reference Stage

Completed reference forms, documents, or notes should be uploaded in the Attachments section of the candidate's profile prior to moving the candidate to the Initial Offer stage.

Next Steps...
After a final candidate has been selected, they move the Offer stage, which has multiple components involving the Primary Recruiter, Hiring Manager, Operations Managers, the candidate, etc.

Decline a Candidate

When declining candidates, Hiring Managers will be prompted to insert the reason why the candidate is no longer being considered for the position. 

The reasons presented to the Hiring Manager may change depending on the current step of the workflow process. 

Decline a Candidate Email
When a candidate is declined and the reason selected (in the Screen or Review phase of the candidate recruitment process), an automated email will be sent to the candidate .