When a candidate is in the Offer stage of a recruitment, the Manager or Primary Recruiter can begin the offer process for the candidate. 

Initiate the Offer

The first phase of the Offer begins with initiating the offer. The Manager or Primary Recruiter will receive a task in My Tasks (formerly Inbox) in Workday called Initial Offer: [Candidate Name and Job Requisition Number and Job Title].

Once this task has completed, the Manager and Primary Recruiter will receive another task in My Tasks to Propose Compensation Offer/Employment Agreement. Once this task has been submitted, the approvals begin!

Submit Offer for Approval

The Manager or Primary Recruiter will receive an Offer for Job Application task in My Tasks. Once reviewed and confirmed, they can Approve the offer to start the approval process.

If needed, they can Send Back to the Initiator if changes are required, or Save for Later if they wish to leave the task in My Tasks. The job offer process can also be terminated at this stage should the Manager or Primary Recruiter elect to Cancel the offer.

Approved offers will be routed through their designated approval process. Approvers are based on specific job families, with each approver being responsible for reviewing the offer information. They can Approve the request or Send Back to the Initiator for changes.

Approval Paths

Full-Time Faculty & Staff
  • Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Dean/Staff Approver
  • Division Approver
  • Primary Recruiter
Non-Faculty Research
  • Manager
  • Manager's Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Non-Faculty Research Operations Manager
Temporary/Seasonal Staff
  • Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Manager's Manager
  • Primary Recruiter

Review and Generate Offer Document

Once the offer has been approved by all, the Primary Recruiter can Generate Document for Offer. The Primary Recruiter will generate the document and send the offer letter to the candidate.

Candidates Receive the Offer

The candidate will receive a notification in their email account to log into the candidate home account to review the offer document, and sign it electronically.

Internal Candidates...
Will receive a notification in My Tasks in Workday to review and sign the letter.

Background Check

After the Candidate accepts the offer and electronically signs the offer, the Primary Recruiter will complete a background check. Upon successful completion of the background check, the candidate will be moved to Ready for Hire.