Microsoft Teams is a collaboration app that helps your team organize files, have conversations, meet, and share tools —all in one place. 

Microsoft (Office) 365 Teams for Education is available to WPI account holders. Students or faculty can create the team; advisors, mentors, sponsors and others can be invited (including guests with non-wpi email addresses).


Teams Top 5!

  • Chat - with an individual, a few people, or your whole Team.  
  • Channels - Enable team members to tune in to topics; can be private, too. 
  • Files - easy to share and access within Channels
  • Tool Tabs - Add Planner for tasks, Excel for spreadsheets, or other tools or sites that your team will access frequently.
  • Meetings - In any channel's Posts, at the bottom of the screen click on the calendar icon to schedule a meeting, or the camera icon to Meet Now. The Zoombot can also be added to integrate with Teams for meetings.   

Collaboration Options

  • Within Teams conduct meetings, calls, chat, video, screenshare  (Actions: Schedule a Meeting in Teams).
  • Integrates with Learning Management Systems (LMS). 
    • WPI ATC-TTL offers details about Canvas Integration with Teams (Actions).
    • Microsoft provides information on using LMS & Teams (Actions).


Get Started

The Related Article Get Started with Microsoft Teams contains instructions and links to begin using Teams.

Project Team Template

Join or Create a Team by copying another team! WPI Information Technology made a public team "gr-Academic Project Template" that you can copy to get started, then customize to suit your needs.  It includes:

  • Standard components of Education Staff Team (email address, conversation log, file storage, notebook)
  • Planner
  • Zoombot
  • Link to WPI Center for Project-Based Learning

To copy:

  • Click Join or Create Team, choose Create Team.
  • Choose Other, then click Create a team using an existing team as a template
  • Select gr-Academic Project Template, click Choose team.
  • Rename and select/deselect options as needed.