You can submit online assignments in Canvas through several different ways. Instructors can choose what kind of online submissions they wish to allow. They may also give you the option to resubmit assignments.

The most common way to access an assignment, is to go to the desired course and click on the Assignments link on the left-hand side.

Assignments may also reside in the Modules or Syllabus sections.

Click on the assignment name. The assignment may include information on the due date, point value, and what you are allowed to submit. If the Submitting section says No Submission or On Paper, your professor wants you to turn in the assignment in class.

The assignment may also have information on the types of files you can upload and when the assignment submission is available from and to.

To submit an assignment:

  1. Click on Submit Assignment in the top right hand corner.
  2. Open the document on your computer.
  3. Click Submit Assignment once more.

You can also access assignments via the Calendar, the Syllabus, your To-List, or a Module, if your professor is using Modules.

Verify Your Assignment has been Submitted

To verify your assignment has been submitted:

  • Make sure you see a large green checkmark and the words “Submitted!”
  • A date and time stamp the assignment was submitted (and an option to review submission details & download)
  • The original “Submit Assignment” button changed to read “Re-submit Assignment

If you do not see these on the submission page, something went wrong and you should re-try your submission, or contact Canvas Support by clicking the “Help” button in the left hand menu.