Image of the 5 Tips to be successful in the online classroom, designed by the Edvisors Network: 5 Tips include: 1. Tackle Time Management 2. Find a good study space 3. Form a study group 4. Take breaks 5. Reach out to your professor
  • 1. Tackle Time Management

    Putting off watching online lectures and doing assignments will only cause you stress. 

    Reduce your Netflix time by a few hours a week, put that time toward your online education, and you'll be golden!

  • 2. Find a good study space

    • Wifi?
    • Comfortable?
    • Organized?
    • No Distractions?

    Now, go forth and study!

  • 3. Form a study group

    Make studying fun(ish) and reach out to other students in your class. Maybe you'll even make some new friends out of it!

  • 4. Take Breaks

    Know your limits. If you've been staring at a screen for hours, your brain is tired. Go for a walk, grab a snack, and take a breather.