• Schedule a Meeting

    • Go to wpi.zoom.us and click Sign in.
    • Make sure Meetings is selected in the menu on the left and click Schedule a Meeting.
    • Enter a Topic (meeting name)
    • Select the Date/Time
    • To require a meeting passcode, check the Passcode box. Update the passcode (if desired).
    • Choose Video Option (how participants will appear on entry to the meeting - IT recommends Off)
    • When you have made all your selections, click Save.
  • Create a Meeting for Another Person

    • Start by following the Schedule a Meeting directions above, then when you see Options, click Show.
    • Check the box for Allow participants to join anytime. Make any other selections and click Save.
    • When it's time to set up the conference room for the meeting, then join as a guest with the Meeting ID number.
  • Host a Meeting

    If you are quickly connecting with folks on the fly:

    1. Open the Zoom app and make sure Home is selected.
    2. Click New Meeting.
    3. Click the Participants tab.
    4. Click Invite*.



    Search for, or scroll through, and select the desired contacts to add to the meeting.


    Within Client

    Choose the Default Email option to generate an email in your default mail application. Add users to the To: field and send! This allows for external users (non-WPI folks) to join web conferences. There is also a Microsoft Outlook Plugin.

    Personal Email

    On the bottom of the Invite screen are options to Copy Invite Link or Copy Invitation. Use these options to copy the necessary information and send to participants directly from your email.

  • Zoom Security

    Security options exist to protect meetings from uninvited guests. For more about waiting rooms, passcodes, authorized users, and other settings, visit Secure Your Zoom Meeting (Related Article).

  • Participant List and Other Reports

    Signing into the Zoom web portal with your WPI credentials allows meeting hosts access to Reports, including participant list. (See Actions for Zoom: Getting Started with Reports instructions.) 

    Instruction Note:
    Actions link to the Zoom support website to ensure up-to-date instructions. Please contact its@wpi.edu if you need help finding specific information.