Schedule a Meeting

  1. Open the Zoom client
  2. Press Schedule
  3. Enter a Topic (meeting subject)
  4. Select the Date/Time
  5. Choose Video Option (how participants will appear on entry to the meeting - IT recommends Off)
  6. Choose the Calendar* option


Select the client you use on your personal machine. If you don't use a specific client, and prefer the Outlook Web App, select Other Calendars. You will be able to Copy/Paste the invitation into your Calendar to send to participants.

Host a Meeting

If you are quickly connecting with folks on the fly:

  1. Open the Zoom client
  2. Press New Meeting
  3. Press the Participants tab
  4. Press Invite*



Search for, or scroll through, and select the desired contacts to add to the meeting.


Within Client

Choose the Default Email option to generate an email in your default mail application. Add users to the To: field and send! This allows for external users (non-WPI folks) to join web conferences. There is also a Microsoft Outlook Plugin.

Personal Email

On the bottom of the Invite screen are options to Copy URL  or Copy Invitation. Use these options to copy the necessary information and send to participants directly from your email.

Zoom Security

Enable Password

IT recommends enabling a meeting password and sharing that password with your meeting attendees privately over email, in a calendar invite, or within Canvas. Do not post your meeting password on a publicly accessible website. See additional information at Meeting and Webinar Passwords (Zoom).