Audio Options

  • Computer's Built-In Microphone
  • Calling in using the phone number/meeting ID

Video Options

Use the Start Video or Stop Video button to enable or disable video using your webcam.

Joining a meeting from a computer without a webcam? You can display your picture as follows:

  1. To add or change your profile picture, click your initials or current picture at the top right of the screen and select Change picture.
  2. Upload picture.
  3. In the meeting, when video is stopped your profile picture is displayed.

Share Screen

Press the Share Screen button. When you have finished sharing or presenting, use the Stop Sharing button on across the top tab of your desktop window.

Options for screen share include:

Machine Display

You have the ability to share your full desktop display, or you can share specific windows. This is great if you want to present in one application, but prevent pop-ups from Email or Microsoft Teams from showing up!


Use the Whiteboard to display problem sets and brain storm ideas. Use the text, draw, and eraser options as if you were in a conference room or classroom with a whiteboard!


As the host, you have the ability to Record Zoom meetings. Entire meetings, or clips from meetings will be saved, and can be shared out to others.

Breakout Rooms

As the host, you can create Breakout Rooms. If in a large meeting or class, you can leverage Breakout Room to put smaller groups of participants together to have discussions, work on assignments, etc. Once a time limit has been reached, or the host asks users to return to the meeting, the breakout rooms disappear and all user congregate back in the Zoom meeting.