Create a Bookings Calendar

Before You Begin
Instead of assigning bookings to individuals, you may prefer to associate a shared Outlook calendar with the Bookings calendar to collect reservations. Contact the Service Desk to request one.
The maximum number of reservations per time slot is 39.
  • Go to, login if necessary, and open the Bookings tile (if you need access, faculty and staff should contact
  • Click Get it now
  • Choose Add a booking calendar
  • Fill in Business name
  • Fill in Business type (e.g., Higher Education)
  • Click Continue

Proceed through the sections below to customize the Booking Calendar to your needs. Each Booking Calendar requires at least one Service. Settings on the Services tab override other settings.

  • Business Information

    Click Business Information at the bottom of the left menu.

    Optional information includes

    • Business address
    • Business phone
    • Send customer replies to (email address)
    • URL (website you would like to reference)
    • Privacy policy URL and Terms and conditions URL for customer to review
    • Business hours (each space/service can have separate business hours)
    • Business type

    Add Logo in the upper left and choose the recommended WPI Logo (see Actions for logos in Marketing Tools).

    Click Save at the top.

  • Bookings Page

    The Booking Page sets the policies for all services, which can be overridden on individual Services pages.

    • Under Booking page access control, check Require a Microsoft 365 or Office 365 accounts from my org to book
    • Set Scheduling policy, which will apply to all services unless overridden on the Services pages
    • Email notifications (optional) to notify the business when a booking has been added or changed, and/or email the customer (in addition to the confirmation) with an ICS file to add to the customer's calendar. Also be aware of Reminders and Confirmations to choose how far in advance to remind customer of a reservation.
    • Under Availability, for General Availability: Choose Bookable when staff are free. Staff will not appear on the calendar if they are not assigned to it. Choose Not bookable to not display the calendar. Choose Custom Hours to set varying hours, including for a particular set of dates.
    Add a mailbox or calendar
    If staff will not be bookable, add either a mailbox or calendar under Staff and assign it on the Service. Not assigning a resource will result in reservations being assigned to staff who are not otherwise bookable.

    Click Save and publish at the top. Notice you can also Unpublish.

    Once published, Share your page (optional), or embed HTML or iFrame code.

  • Services

    The Booking Page tab sets the policies for all services, but these may be overridden on the Services pages.

    Click Services.

    Edit to click and discard initial consult -- this service does not allow editing of maximum attendees.

    Click Add a service and add

    •  Service name
    • Description (optional)
    • Default location (optional)
    • Add online meeting, adds Team meeting (optional)
    • Customize Duration
    • Buffer time before or after reservation (optional)
    • Choose whether to Let customers manage their appointment when it was booked by you or your staff on their behalf
    • Maximum Attendees (39 or fewer)
    • Default price, skip or choose Free
    • Notes (internal only) (optional)
    • Custom Fields area (optional), click Modify and check or uncheck Required items like Customer email, Phone number, Customer Address, Customer notes (includes a question for submitter to answer)
    • Additional Information for Email Confirmation (optional)
    • Enable text message notifications for your customer (optional)
    • Check Publishing options
    • Online Scheduling options, uncheck Use the default scheduling policy unless you would like the creator/administrator to be bookable on the calendar. Under Staff, also uncheck Allow customers to choose a specific person for the booking unless you would like to offer that option.
    • Set Scheduling policy, which will apply only to this service:
    • Email notifications (optional), in addition to confirmation, includes an ICS file to add to calendar. Also be aware of Reminders and Confirmations to choose how far in advance to remind user of reservation.
    • Availability, use to set a different date range, Start/End + Bookable when staff are free. If Not bookable is used, no timeslots will appear.
    • Click a person's name to Assign Staff if you would like that person to be bookable. See the Staff section and tab to first add staff, then you can assign them here. 
    • Staff can also book reservations on behalf of users.

    Click Save at the top.

  • Staff

    Staff can share calendar administration, viewing, or be a bookable resource as part of the calendar.

    Click Add staff.

    Under Add people, search for a person to add. You can also add an Outlook calendar: enter part of the name, then click Search directory.

    Optional: add Email, Phone number, and assign a role.

    • Guest cannot open bookings but can be scheduled
    • Viewer can open some information but not view calendar events and cannot edit/delete
    • Administrator has full privileges to edit, delete, etc.

    Email notifications inform staff of when a booking is assigned or changed.

    If you are allowing a person to be booked, under Availability: check Events on Office calendar affect availability or fill in available hours for the person. If the hours for a person are outside of hours set for the Calendar or Service, they will not appear as bookable.

    Click Save at the top.

  • Book A Reservation for a Customer

    As an administrator, click Calendar to see availability. Click New booking.

    Fill in customer information, click Add, and choose whether to send an email confirmation to the customer.

  • Viewing Customer Bookings

    On the Calendar tab, view bookings by Day, Work week, Week, Month, or Today. or click Print at the top. If viewing/printing the schedule is not sufficient, on the Home tab you can export 120 days of data to a TSV file. To open the file, in Excel, Open > Browse to the file and choose All Files to see the TSV file. Click through the opening process, then Finish.