Create schedules from scratch, or import schedules from an Excel spreadsheet.

Utilize Groups to organize your schedule and staff/students by functional space or location.

Use the Time Clock to have students/staff clock in and out of shifts. Export the time clock record for tracking students/staff.

Open & Pin Shifts

  1. Open the Teams app
  2. In the left column, press ... (More added apps)
  3. Search for and open Shifts
  4. In the left column, right click on Shifts and select Pin
Gif video displaying how to open and pin Shifts.
  • Create a Schedule

    Only Team Owners can create/import schedules.

    Import a Schedule

    Create an Excel Document with the following Row Headers:

    • Name
    • Work Email (Required)*
    • Group
    • Shift Start Date*
    • Shift Start Time*
    • Shift End Time*
    • Notes
    • Unpaid Break (minutes)

    * are required fields.

    Once the schedule has been created:

    1. Open Shifts within Teams
    2. In the top right corner, press the ... (More options)
    3. Select Import Schedule
    4. Select Upload file and choose the Excel Document you created