You must be authorized to use Splashtop. Your instructor/advisor may request access for you to use specific machines to access a specific piece of software.

Splashtop is a tool that enables remote connection to specific WPI machines. What makes these connections different from a traditional Remote Desktop Connection is Splashtop is able to match the machine's performance capabilities. For applications that require certain graphics, computing power, etc. Splashtop is a great way to use the software you need for your coursework!

Splashtop Availability

View the Splashtop software article for current locations

Software available in those labs is available for remote use through Splashtop (except Adobe applications).

Splashtop Invitation

When your WPI Account has been provisioned access to Splashtop, you will receive an email with action items for you to follow:

Image of the action items in the email sent from Splashtop when an account is added.

Accept Invitation

In the Invitation email from Splashtop:

  1. Press the Accept the invitation from your administrator button
  2. Choose the option for Single Sign-On Login
  3. Input your WPI Email address
  4. Follow prompts

Download Splashtop Client

In the Invitation email from Splashtop:

  1. Press the Splash Business app button to access the downloads page
  2. Select the donwload option that matches your operating system
  3. Follow on-screen prompts to complete installation

Access a Machine Using Splashtop

  1. Open the Splashtop Business app
  2. Choose the option for Single Sign-On Login
  3. Input your WPI Email address in the browser
  4. In the Splashtop Business app, select a machine and press the Connect button (monitor with arrow icon)
  5. Login with your WPI username and password