Export to Excel

Within the Teams Desktop Application:

  1. Go to Shifts
  2. Press the Down Arrow icon next to Clock in
  3. Select Export Time Sheet
  4. Input the Start/End Dates you wish to review
  5. Press Export
  6. Within your computer's Downloads folder, open the recently downloaded Excel file

The Report

The Report will generate the following information (and more):

  • Date the user clocked in
  • The user's Name
  • Clock In Time
  • Clock Out Time
  • Shift Start Time*
  • Shift End Time*
  • Unpaid Hours
  • Paid Hours
  • Hours Scheduled
  • Hours Worked

*Field will be blank if there is no shift scheduled - this allows you to utilize the Clock In/Out feature without using the Shift Scheduling Feature.

Image of excel sheet with Clock In Time and Clock Out Time columns and the equation to get the duration of the shift


When the export completes, a few helpful tricks, especially if trying to complete validate time sheets, include:

Add Duration Column

It might be helpful to add a column that gives you a visual of the duration of the actual hours and minutes.

  1. Create a new column to the right of Clock Out Time
  2. Input the following =TEXT(E3-D3,"h:mm") where E is the Time Out column and D is the Time In column
  3. Drag the formula down the entire column

Separate Dates from Time

If you want to view the date separately from the clock in and out times:

  1. Add a column to the right of Clock In Time 
  2. Add a column to the right of Clock Out Time
  3. Highlight the Clock In Time column
  4. Go to the Data tab
  5. Select Text to Columns
  6. Select the Fixed width option and press Next
  7. Double Click on the second line in the display (between the h:mm:ss and time of day) to remove it
  8. Press Next
  9. Select Text from the radio options
  10. Click over the time section and select Text 
  11. Press Next and press Finish
  12. Repeat 3-11 for the Clock Out Time column
GIF displaying the process to separate the columns and format them accordingly.
Duration Column Change?
If you created a Duration column, you may need to update the formula so it is performing the logic on the columns with the time not the date.