Top: Shure MXA910W-A microphone array ceiling tile (image courtesy of
Bottom: AVerCam VC520 Pro (image courtesy of 
  • Components

    Shure Microphone Array: Microphones to capture in-room participant audio have been installed in the ceiling.

    Photo of FL320. Pictured top-center is the Shure MXA910W-A microphone array.

    AVerCam520 Pro: Advanced video conference camera that points at the classroom seating to provide remote participants with a view of the in-room participants.

    Photo of FL320. Pictured just to the left of the projector screen is the AVerCam520 Pro.
  • Configuring the System for use with Zoom

    1. Connect to your meeting using the Zoom desktop application.
    2. From Zoom, navigate to Video/Start Video > Video Settings and be sure AVer CAM520 Pro camera option is selected.
    3. Navigate to Audio Settings (via the microphone icon) and make sure the Speaker is set to ExtronScalerD (NVIDIA High Definition Audio) as shown.  
    4. Still in Audio Settings, be sure the Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (DMP Plus USB#1) Microphone option is selected as shown.  
    AVer CAM520 Pro should be selected as the video source in Zoom.
    ExtronScalerD (NVIDIA High Definition Audio) should be selected as the speaker source and Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (DMP Plus USB#1) should be selected as the microphone source in Zoom. 
  • Adjusting the Camera View

    1. Make sure you have the video shared in Zoom.
    2. From the desktop, launch the ECAM shortcut.
    3. Once the AVer PTZApp application launches, make sure the video preview is disabled. Because 2 applications cannot be using the camera at the same time, you'll preview your camera view changes in Zoom.
    4. In the AVerPTZApp application, use the arrows to adjust the panning/tiling of the camera or the Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons to adjust the camera view. Preview your changes in Zoom.
    Step 2: Launch the ECAM shortcut from the desktop computer.
    Step 3: Make sure the video preview is disabled in the AVer PTZApp. Instead, use Zoom to preview changes you make to the camera view.