We have listed some suggested practices below that we hope will help promote gender pronoun visibility and greater efforts towards creating a more inclusive and affirming WPI community. We also have a resources page with additional information and guides.

Suggested Practices

Consider updating your email/zoom signature to include your pronouns.

Intentional efforts, like including your pronoun in your email, can have a huge impact on one’s sense of belonging. This practice not only normalizes the dialogue but also has a profound impact on mitigating assumptions of a person’s gender identity. Sharing your pronouns, especially if you identify as cisgender (definition: identifying as one’s sex assigned at birth), is a visible statement to others that you recognize and respect that identity cannot be assumed by the way someone looks or expresses themselves.

Example Email Signature

Email signature for Rame Hanna, M.S.Ed, referencing "They/Them" pronouns.
Email signature for Christelle M. Hayles, referencing "She/Her/Hers" pronouns.

Example Zoom Name

Zoom signature for Rame Hanna (they/them)

You can also share your pronouns by embedding a link to the pronoun you use in your email signature. 

Share your pronouns when introducing yourself and offer others the opportunity to do the same.

A great time to do this is during introductory staff meetings or when introducing yourself to a group of new community members.

Be sure to address others using the pronouns that they share!

Share your pronouns on your office entrance nameplate.

Add your pronouns to your name badge (when available) at conferences and events.

Be aware of gender and gender binary language in documents and emails.

Consider using gender-inclusive terms:

  • "They" instead of "he or she"
  • "Folks" or "WPI Community" etc. instead of "guys"

Building a more welcoming environment requires that we all play an active role in creating a culture of inclusion and belonging! The DEI Team is thrilled to help be part of these efforts and we look forward to many partnerships and collaborations with the WPI community!