You must have a ssh client installed to access the Linux terminal server. WPI recommends using PuTTY.

Use of the WPI Network, whether on campus or through the GlobalProtect VPN client, is required to ssh to the Linux Terminal Cluster.

First Time Use

Save the Linux Terminal Server

  1. Open PuTTY
  2. Enter the following hostname:
  3. Ensure the connection type is SSH
  4. Under the Saved Sessions heading, enter WPI Linux in the text field
  5. Press Save
WPI Linux configuration in PuTTY.

Launch WPI Linux Session

  1. Highlight then double-click WPI Linux session
  2. In the login as: window, input your WPI Username and press Enter/Return on your keyboard
  3. Input your WPI password and press Enter/Return on your keyboard
    • Note: No characters will show up on the screen as you input your password. That is normal!

Additional Session Configuration Options

Enable KeepAlives

KeepAlives allow you to send data through the session at regular intervals to prevent your session from cutting an idle connection off.

To enable keepalives, before you launch PuTTY:

  1. Select the Connection category in the left column
  2. Input 10 in the Seconds between keepalives (0 to turn off) field 
PuTTY Connection settings page. 10 Seconds between keepalives entered.

Enable X-Forwarding

X-Forwarding is a way to display graphics from the terminal server from the ssh session. This enables you to launch programs that have a graphical user interface.

Additional Requirement
You must install Xming in order to use X-Forwarding.

To enable X-Forwarding, before you launch PuTTY:

  1. Input the server address (
  2. Within the Connection section, expand SSH by pressing the plus sign (+)
  3. Select the X11 category
  4. Check the box for Enable X11 forwarding
PuTTY X11 settings section. Enable X11 forwarding checked.